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Tropical PC Solutions: Miscellaneous Code (Perl, C and Basic)

IIS IP Block
This program will help stop automated brute force attacks against your IIS web server. This program was written in Perl and C#.

Log File Scavenger
This is a simple server/client based sockets program written in Perl used to search remote log files.

Xecryption Algorithm Cracker
A program written in Perl (Windows and Linux) that will help you crack the Xecryption algorithm.

XOR Encryption
A simple XOR encryption program written in C (Windows and Linux)

Web Hosting Program
Would you like to run your own server and offer web hosting to your friends? If so this program might help you out...

File Shredding Program
This program was written in LBasic and will overwrite a file on your computer 3, 7 or 10 times before deletion.

Tip Calculation Program
This program was written in LBasic and will help waitresses and bartenders calculate their tip percentages and save them to a password protected logfile.

I also have JavaScript and PHP code examples in case you are interested.

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